Pollack: Why not Kliff Kingsbury at Georgia Tech?

Dukes & Bell
November 28, 2018 - 4:37 pm

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David Pollack joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the two teams in the SEC Championship “Georgia being back is expected, and it shows you the state of the program with them having five seniors on the team, and you expect them to be back again and again and again. There is no weak spot offensively for Bama, but this is probably the worst defense they’ve had in five years, I think they’re really good but they’re a cut below what they use to, the key is can Georgia get enough stops on defense.”

 Pollack talked about how you have to attack the Alabama defense “You saw Chaney last year to start the game they threw the ball seven times straight, I think Georgia has plenty of skills on the outside. Fromm has been a different cat since the bye week, he’s been one of the highest graded QB’s since then in the country.”

Pollack told the guys just how good he thinks Notre Dame is “I think Notre Dame is one of the more complete teams in the country, there isn’t a place where I think they’re really bad there. They’re good everywhere, as some teams have clear weaknesses, there’s a lot of good, but there’s not a lot of great.”

When asked about the Georgia Tech opening with the news that Paul Johnson is retiring Pollack told the guys “Whoever takes this job, they’re not going to be good right away, you’ve shaped your program for a german language as opposed to English so there’s going to be a lot to work on and reshape. I think an air raid offense will be fun in that conference, I think Kliff Kingsbury would be a fun guy to go get, it’s not an easy state to recruit because you’ve got to compete with UGA, Auburn, Florida, Florida State and Clemson all recruit here.”