The Fair Pay to Play Act is the Beginning to making things Right

Chris Goforth
October 05, 2019 - 1:09 pm
Georgia Bulldogs

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Earlier this week California made themselves the leader for a movement that in my opinion should’ve been made a long time ago. The sunshine state passed the Fair Pay to Play Act which prevents the students from having their scholarship taken away if the student makes money off of their likeness. As we all probably remember former star running back for the Georgia Bulldogs Todd Gurley was suspended for four games back in 2014 for accepting three-thousand dollars to autograph memorabilia for multiple dealers for two years. Gurley was the leading Heisman trophy candidate before the suspension, and ultimately you could argue it was the suspension that stopped the former Bulldog from winning the Heisman. However, now starting in 2023 any student athlete that is enrolled at a school in California won’t have that problem. They can now make money off of commercials, signing autographs, and even having their likeness used in video games. Chris, Randy, and Jon all love the new bill, and what California is doing. However, this obviously gives California an unfair recruiting advantage over all the other states, but the guys believe that this California passing this bill will ultimately force the hand of the NCAA and make them make a rule that allows all student athletes from any school to make money off of their likeness. 

The guys all believe that student athletes should be able to make money off of their likeness since everybody else involved has such as Athletic Directors, Coaches, and University Presidents. Jon Chuckery was most impressed by a state such as California leading the way in a matter like this saying “I don't think you can underestimate the fact that a state like California started all of this...” Randy says “I love the fact the California did this because it puts pressure on the NCAA because somehow they have to find a way to proctor all of it.” Randy also says “This won’t be fair unless everybody gets involved.” Chris says “I don’t know what this is going to look like when it’s all said and done, and I don’t know what the NCAA is going to look like when this is all said and done.” Chris also mentioned that there is a bill at the federal level in the House that would strip the NCAA of their tax exemptions if they don’t find a way for players to be paid. The guys all make great points, and are very intrigued to see what state(s) will be next, as states such as South Carolina, Kentucky, and Nevada are all working on similar bills, and what the NCAA will do next.

Jon and Randy posed two questions during the show that I will leave you with. Jon asked “Why is it that everybody else can make money off the kids except the kids?” Randy asked the question “Why is everybody so offended by this?” The NCAA needs to ask themselves these questions and do some long looking in the mirror.