Falcons 2018 Opponents Ranked, 1-16

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
January 16, 2018 - 11:36 am
Nick Foles

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Enjoy with us a first-blush look at the teams the Atlanta Falcons will face next season. We do not know the dates, yet, of these games, but the locations have been set.

  1. at Philadelphia – The Falcons have lost the last two times and scored only 25 points in eight quarters. Plus we expect Carson Wentz to be under center this time.
  2. at Pittsburgh – Ben, Brown, Bell, Bryant… still tremendously tough to win at Heinz field.
  3. at New Orleans – Fairly obvious why this is so high. Always a slog especially now with the rep the swampers have for getting home calls.
  4. at Green Bay – Especially if this is late in the season where the weather can turn into a monster. And… Rodgers.
  5. Dallas – Beat them handily without Zeke Elliott and with a rent-a-tackle. Cowboys on a mission to be better next season.
  6. New Orleans – It’s the rivalry. Only this time we can chant “Blew Dat!”
  7. at Carolina – This is always a hurdle. You seem to get the best of Cam Newton when he is at home.
  8. at Baltimore – Good club, tough place. Would be a big win and I have a sneaky suspicion this game will be very early in the schedule. Maybe even the opener.
  9. at Washington – Who will be the Redskins QB? Washington is in transition at the moment.
  10. Arizona – Same as The Redskins. A team looking for a new direction.
  11. at Tampa Bay – The Bucs are low on this list at the moment since I have lost faith in their general direction. I was somewhat surprised they chose to keep their coaches.
  12. Carolina – Getting them at home is a game the Falcons should win.
  13. New York Giants – This is a hard call. They should surely be better than the disaster of last season. But there are still lots of issues to work through.
  14. Cincinnati – Why the Bengals opted not to move on from Marvin Lewis left a lot of people scratching their heads.
  15. Tampa Bay – See No. 11
  16. at Cleveland – Until they prove they can win a game.