Archer: Not a very good performance

Dukes & Bell
September 07, 2018 - 3:14 pm

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Falcons Radio Network Analyst Dave Archer joined Dukes and Bell and talked about the performance last night “Not a very good performance in a lot of areas, I feel it left you wanting, questions you had in the offseason all came to bear last night. The defense gave you a lot of opportunities to win the game and they had areas to improve as well.”

When asked about the Falcons offensive line play last night “I was disappointed across the board, thought they would be a little more physical, I knew it would be tough to run on Philly, they were the number one run defense last year. “

 Arch talked about some of the different looks the Falcons showed on offense “I liked the difference in the personnel groups, they wanted to make Philadelphia have to counter to their personnel groups, but you have to be successful in those chances. Everyone wants to compare the offense to the 2016 offense, but they had 13 different guys catch touchdowns, and when guys get put up to bat they have to make the play.”