Falcons Coach Dan Quinn pumped for the start of camp

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 27, 2018 - 9:00 am

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn joined John and Hugh on Day 1 of training camp, and to say he was 'jacked' is an understatement. The one thing most Falcons fan, and our own John Fricke, were concerned about was whether Julio Jones would be at camp after reports came out he wanted an adjustment to his contract. The team allowed everyone to breath a sigh of relief as they reported Wednesday that Julio would, in fact, report to camp on time. 

“I think it’s a good example where there’s good communication between the two groups,” Quinn answered, when asked about the Julio Jones situation.  “Every year that’s your goal, it’s your goal to have no distractions.” 

What do you look as you prepared for this camp? “We treat the offseason in two ways - core and explore. How can we reach guys differently, to make sure it doesn’t get stale.  To push the bar higher…you know when you come here, you better be ready to work.” 

On the rookie classes’ impact – “It’s an excellent rookie class, they’ve put the effort in. They made sure to get the work in during the offseason. I am impressed by this class and there’s some non-draftees whom I believe will make an impact as well.” 

It’s year four for Coach Quinn, and we've seen his impact already over the last three seasons, especially on defense. What is is expectation heading into the 2018 season? “We’re always going to work on tackling. The second point, is the turnover ratio. We need to create more opportunities. We spent a lot of time on that this offseason, so hopefully it pays off.  If our identity comes through, I don’t have to worry about the statistical end of things.  You’d expect the incremental jumps with the players given some of their years of experience.” 

Meanwhile, Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian is entering year 2, and joined this season by new quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp. Quinn said, “I think whenever anyone goes through it the second time, you’ll see improvement. Matt (Ryan) likes to be coached hard, and I think Greg will assist in that area. Every year it’s different..how good can this year’s team be…we’re looking for significant improvement. We’re going to be a tough team, and the ability to run the ball will lead to that. It’s important to have balance, and I wanted us to have an offense to have that balance on that side of the ball.” 

One of the points of emphasis Quinn stressed is to have more speed on special teams – and to have an open competition in that area – and when asked about his expectations, he only wanted to concentrate on training camp and leave the other stuff to everyone else.​