Campbell: Cant get down on ourselves

Dukes & Bell
October 08, 2018 - 5:28 pm

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De’Vondre Campbell joined the Dan Quinn Coaches show and talked about what mindset the team needs to have “The biggest thing right now is we’re trying not go get down on ourselves, a lot of the things yesterday were self-inflicted wounds.”

 Campbell talked about what was the most frustrating thing  “When you know what’s about to happen and you don’t make the play, as a defense that’s very demoralizing, when it’s third and long and you know what they’re about to do and then they do it and you don’t make the play, that’s very frustrating.”

 When asked how this situation differs from the past few seasons Campbell said “It’s definitely different, this is one of those situations where you haven’t been through, I’m glad we’re facing some adversity, we are about to find out what kind of team we are in this situation.”