Falcons looking to play TAG with Austin Hooper

Duane Walker
February 28, 2020 - 1:54 am

What’s weighing on the Atlanta Falcons fans' minds are what Thomas Dimitroff, Dan Quinn, and Arthur Blank’s strategy is in the upcoming 2020 Draft. Duane says he has cracked the code.

In 2018 the Falcons invested in Matt Ryan with a five-year contract extension and $100 million in guaranteed money. Since then, it has been a priority for them to protect that investment by drafting wide receiver Calvin Ridley in 2018 followed by two offensive linemen in 2019.  

Another asset that needs to be protected is Austin Hooper. Duane says, “There are two components that are very important to our $200 million asset [Matt Ryan] which is our running game which has basically been nonexistent over the past couple year… Arthur Blank, Thomas Dimitroff, and Dan Quinn have overpaid for that asset, Devontae Freeman.” Duane finishes by saying, “Bottom line, with the money invested, the Falcons are on the short end of the stick!”

Duane sees Austin Hooper as extremely valuable to the Falcons. “They HAVE to franchise him, offer him something. I don’t see the Falcons letting him walk. They will do everything to protect that $100 million dollar asset they made in Matt Ryan.”

It may limit other areas in the squad but it’s a risk you take if you sink money into the quarterback position. An ideal situation for the Falcons is having a rookie performing at a high level such as Pat Mahomes has.