McKay on Lamar Jackson: I see similiarties with Michael Vick 

Dukes & Bell
November 29, 2018 - 5:27 pm

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Rich McKay joined Dukes & Bell, and talked about the Atlanta United’s success “It’s really cool, I remember when we first started talking about going for an MLS franchise, it didn’t work for us then, but many years later  Arthur made the decision and two years in we’re playing for the Eastern Conference title.”

 McKay talked about getting Mercedes Benz stadium ready for the Falcons game Sunday after the SEC Championship game Saturday afternoon “Since it’s football it’s not that hard, because we have field turf using water based paint that’s easy to get up, so football to football isn’t that hard. Now soccer to football is a little more challenging because of stands moving out from soccer for football makes it tougher.”

When asked about the Redskins controversial signing of Rueben Foster “They get to make their own decisions and the scrutiny that comes with it, I like where we are as a league with the union where until there is a legal decision the player doesn’t play.”

 Rich told the guys “The thing about Mike that separated him from other qb’s that want to use their legs was his incredible arm strength, I see similarities between he and Mike in the athleticism, but Mike was a rare talent, Lamar was a very successful QB in college, it will be interesting to see how we prepare for a guy with Lamar’s athleticism on Sunday.”