Archer: Sark has to show different looks, play with tempo

Dukes & Bell
November 16, 2018 - 3:50 pm

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Dave Archer joined Dukes and Bell and talked about how the Falcons need to come out on Sunday “I would like to think they’ll respond the way a professional football player should, you got embarrassed last week, not to take anything away from Cleveland, but bring the energy.”

Arch talked to the guys about what the Cowboys want to do offensively against the Falcons “They’re going to pound Zeke Elliott at you, they’re not a very good team when they don’t run the ball down your throats, and they’re not a good team when they have to throw the football. You have to limit him, not allow him to run thru tackles, so you have to hustle to the ball and get him to the ground, unlike what happened last week. Atlanta has to be better on the money down, you have to convert on 3rd down, and Atlanta could stress Dallas by being good on offense and scoring points early.”

Archer continued on the Cowboys as he talked about the affect Amari Cooper’s presence has had “He’s got 11 catches in 2 games as a Cowboy, he only had 22 as a Raider, this is an accomplished player who has had back to back thousand yard seasons, but had an off year last year, so they’re going to feed him the ball.”

 When asked if the Falcons can run the ball against the Cowboys run defense which has been one of the better run defenses in the league this season “It’s been really inconsistent running the ball this year, this is one of the better defenses against the run in the league, you would like to go after their ends because they’re not great against the run but their second level defenders are as good as there is in the league when they’re on the field together, I would like to see them use some tempo more this week.”