Archer: 'Vic's gotta step it up'

Dukes & Bell
October 19, 2018 - 6:10 pm

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Dave Archer joined Dukes & Bell, and talked about what kind of problems Saquon Barkley can create for the Falcons defense “He’s averaging 5.2yards per carry, 9.4 yards per catch and scored six of their eleven touchdowns this season, and with that said they’re struggling running the football only averaging 87 a game, he’s going to be tough because Atlanta has struggled tackling.”

 Arch told the guys what concerns he has on the injury front “Grady Jarrett being back will help you limit teams running the ball, and Derrick Shelby will help you as well. The Mohammed Sanu thing is concerning because he does things you don’t think about, making contested catches, blocking, he has a great catch radius and is a great red zone guy.”

Dave addressed Vic Beasley’s play “Vic’s gotta step up, there’s no doubt about it, this is a big year for him especially money wise, he’s been close, but there’s got to be some moments where he becomes dominant on the edge.”

 Archer talked to the guys about Matt Ryan’s performance thru the first six weeks of the season “They’ve done a good job for the most part of giving him an opportunity, any pocket passer needs his oline to play decent, if you give Ryan the time he’s going to cut you apart. I don’t think Matt is thinking about his career being over, but he wants to win a championship more than anything, and he realizes there are only so many chances, so he wants to play at the highest level and he knows they have to win this game.”

When asked about Austin Hooper’s emergence this season, Arch said “He’s on time, we saw him burst on the scene his rookie year in the Super Bowl, and he struggled last year, and now he’s stepped it up. He’s matured some, they isolated him a few times last week and he went one on one with some corners and defeated them which was pretty cool to see.”