Falcons ready to avenge Divisional Round loss to Eagles

Quinn: "Pain of regret of those missed opportunities, they definitely sting"

Wendy Adams
September 05, 2018 - 12:47 pm

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The Atlanta Falcons are just one day away from their first action of the NFL's regular season. And it'll be a tough test against the reigning Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles at Financial Field.

In an exclusive interview with the Morning Show's John and Hugh, Falcons head coach Dan Quinn knows Thursday night's game will be a game of grit. However, he knows his team will no doubt be ready, and have learned from their inability to close out against the Eagles in the NFC playoff game. 

You may remember the Falcons had a four down opportunity late in the fourth quarter to punch it into the endzone, advancing to the next round of the playoffs. They couldn't get it done. 

Asked if there’s an added incentive heading into this Week 1 matchup because of that loss:

“Not added incentive, but you can bet opening the season on a big stage, a big environment, both teams will be ready to go. That’s where we hope the work we’ve put in pays off. When you walk out of the locker room on to that field, that pain of regret of those missed opportunities, they definitely sting. You hope when you get the opportunity again to close out – whether it’s offensively or defensively – that we own that moment. But let’s give credit to them, in that moment they executed better than we did, and that’s what it usually comes down to.”

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson had kept who would start at quarterback mum, even going after members of the media during a press conference after reports surfaced that Nick Foles would start:

On Tuesday, Pederson confirmed what everyone in the media seemingly knew; that Foles would indeed be starting the season opener. Third-year quarterback Carson Wentz tore his ACL last December in a win against the Rams. He still has not been medically cleared to practice.

Coach Quinn talked about the differences between the two Eagles quarterbacks, and said his team has prepared for the possibility of facing each.

“Both (Foles and Wentz) have real command of what they do. It’s a similar style of offense, but you can see both have a full grasp of all the things they do. One is more mobile than the other, (but) as far as routes and their scheme, it stays very consistent.” 

This is year four of Coach Quinn's tenure with the Falcons, and while the expectations to succeed are certainly high, he's confident they’ve made the right choices on their 53-man roster.  

“It’s finally here. It’s what every team works (on) in the offseason. They’ve put work to find some of those roles and now we got to go execute. The connection that this team has, it’s pretty clear to see how much they want to play for each other and how hard they want to play for each other.”

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Meanwhile, enjoy this "Welcome to Atlanta" remix to get you jacked for tomorrow night's game: