Fantasy Flex podcast, Ep. 005: What to do with David Johnson

Episode 5 explores the options you may have for first round pick David Johnson

Beau Johnson
September 25, 2018 - 5:11 pm
David Johnson

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Week 4 of the 2018 fantasy football season is here, and a lot of fantasy general managers are asking themselves the same question: What should I do about David Johnson?

You likely spent a first-round pick on Johnson, and 179 total yards and two touchdowns is hardly the value you were hoping for. Maybe you're lucky enough to have gone 2-1, or even 3-0, so waiting this thing out may be an option.

But for those of that own Johnson and find ourselves at 0-3, now might be the time to make a move.

Brian Gebhardt and Beau Johnson discuss possible trade scenarios for David Johnson in this week's episode, as well as "Fantasy Football Fire & Ice" picks for Week 4 including Sterling Shephard, Amari Cooper, Kenyon Drake, and Aaron Jones, with Aaron Jones ending up on both a fire list, AND an ice list.