Cam Reddish the next James Harden?

Duane Walker
December 05, 2019 - 12:56 am

The Atlanta Hawks fell to the Brooklyn Nets, 130- 118, Wednesday, but despite another ‘L’ for the Hawks, Cam Reddish flourished in the spotlight.

With starters, De’Andre Hunter (out with a dislocated right index finger) and John Collins (suspended) out, Reddish stepped in and stepped up with a career-high of 25 points and six rebounds.   

Many fans, including Duane Walker, were impressed with his performance and are even more optimistic for the Hawks’ rebuilding future. Duane admitted to being a part of the crowd believing Reddish was inconsistent and not NBA ready, but was proven wrong tonight.

Reddish, coming from Duke University where Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett were in the limelight, landed with the Hawks with Trae Young and John Collins. It almost makes Reddish look as though he is the third wheel. The Hawks gave him the opportunity to shine Wednesday. Duane thinks Reddish has so much talent and potential,

“If he were to leave here and start somewhere new," Duane opined. "Cam Reddish sort of kind of reminds me of James Harden when he came in the league, and the first four to five years of his career he was a subservient to (Houston Rocket’s point guard) Russell Westbrook and [small/power forward>  Kevin Durant… Once Harden left the OKC, he became the single most dominating scorer (in my opinion) in the history of the national basketball league.

Reddish has the opportunity to be the leading scorer, some nights, for the Hawks and potentially be the next James Harden if he creates that ‘dog mentality.’