Football fans: Are you concerned about future of the game?

Do kids even want to play football like they used to?

Wendy Adams
August 21, 2018 - 9:12 am

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In California, an LA Times story stated that there are nearly 10,000 fewer students playing the game of football since 2015. And just recently, a couple of Hall of Famers formed a committee called the Concussion Legacy Foundation to support a new parent initiative, Flag Football Under 14. The new initiative pushes no tackle football until 14. 

Here in Georgia, players at Grayson High School – the #1 team in the state whose home opener is Friday on ESPNU – walked out of practice demanding the ouster of head football coach Christian Hunnicutt. They objected to Hunnicutt’s practice conditions, which involved full-force hitting in shorts; meaning no pads. 

Hunnicutt has since apologized for the round practice and promised lighter workouts moving forward. 

“It’s a different day and ages with these kids,” said Hugh. “They are not as naïve as we were. It’s not as serious for them as it was for us; it’s not the end all be all.  My son has other interests, he’s participating in cross-country. He doesn’t have that burning in the belly like I had, and that’s fine. Kids don’t have that love for football like we did.” 

John wonders about the direction of football. The NFL is kind of leading the way with the new helmet rule; and changest to kick-offs. Will football eventually get rid of tackling all together? It will be interesting to see where the sport is 20 years from now.​

"It's a different game than it was back in the 70s. It's an entirely different game in the terms of the way it was played and the quality of athletes; the size and the speed of the athletes. Time have changed."