Hawks Interest in Drummond About Being Relevant

Thomas Mott
January 07, 2020 - 12:17 am

So the Hawks losing Monday was predictable as this horrible season continues. Just when we got a decent home win against an Eastern Conference playoff team in Indiana, we turned right around and cannot back it up tonight against the Nuggets.

I want to put this Nuggets game aside for a minute though and shift over to the news earlier this week, first reported by ESPN, that the Hawks are in talks with the Detroit Pistons about a possible trade for Andre Drummond.

Now sure, Drummond would help defensively and would move everyone down the depth chart to create depth, but I don’t care about fit right now.

You know what this news tells me?

The Hawks are desperate to be relevant. The Hawks have hit Defcon 2.

Andre Drummond isn’t about winning. Andre Drummond isn’t about improving the defense.

Andre Drummond is an attempt to make the Hawks relevant again.

Remember where the Hawks were at the end of last year? Sure they were bad, but they were entertaining and kept it close against good opponents. I remember going to a few Hawks game late in the year last season and people were still showing up because we all knew the Hawks could compete every single night.

That is not the case this year. The Hawks are not only losing, they look worse. I mean they’ve had injuries, horrific defense, and zero help for Trae and it’s not getting any better anytime soon.

The Hawks this year have gone from bad, but interesting, to downright irrelevant. Trae Young drops 43 and the national media won’t even bat an eye because the Hawks have the worst record in the East.

We can break down Andre Drummond’s defensive abilities or the offensive potential with Trae and John Collins all night long. I’m sure it’d be fun and I’m sure they’d make some highlight reels.

However, let’s understand what this report is. It’s a way to create some sort of buzz around a team that has underachieved its way to national irrelevance and played its way to local disappointment.

Oh, and the report from ESPN said that the Hawks were talking to Detroit about Drummond but no trade was “imminent”.

There’s a very real possibility the Hawks just released this with no real intension of making the trade just to spark a little bit of positive news around the team. Create the narrative that they are trying to improve the team right now instead of waiting out this season and doing it via the draft and offseason again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Drummond at the right price and with a verbal commitment to signing an extension long term. But this all feels like a dramatic way to create buzz around a team that has become pretty uninteresting due to poor play.