Bruce Arians On Dan Quinn: 'He has great rapport with his players'

Dukes & Bell
July 06, 2018 - 5:51 pm

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Former Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians joined Dukes in Bell to talk some football and about his transition to becoming a broadcaster “I joining the darkside, I went from idiot to an expert all of a sudden. I’m flying out to Dallas in a few weeks to do some practice games, then I’ll have a preseason game and let it fly.”

 Coach Arians spoke on the what the difference would be for Falcons OC Steve Sarkisian in year two “When you’re a play caller at that level for the first time it takes a year or two, the core guys will still be there so everything should be smoother.”

   The guys asked Bruce how similar the Falcons defense is to the one that he coached against being in the same division with Seattle, Arians said “They’re very similar a lot of length, a lot of speed but it starts with good corners, they play zone but with a lot of man techniques and fast LB’s.

 When talking about what he thinks about Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn, Bruce told the guys “He’s got a great rapport with his players, and he’s a great teacher, you can know all the football you want but if you can’t teach it you’re nothing.”