Moylan: 'Kimbrel is ready NOW'

Beau Johnson
April 22, 2019 - 2:54 pm
Craig Kimbrel

Bob Levey/Getty Images


Former Brave and Fox Sports Analyst Peter Moylan joined The Midday Show with Chris Goforth and Randy McMichael on Monday.

Peter talks about Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchal still being on the market is due to a market correction (several veteran players have been overpayed for the performance that was returned) and that they are asking for too much money this late in their careers. The next CBA will be interesting as younger players are starting to get paid more in the front of their careers, as they should be.

When asked about if Kimbrel would even be ready should someone call, Peter answered with an emphatic YES, he could pitch tomorrow. He's been facing live hitters and would need little time to get ready. 

Moylan also shares an interesting story of how he developed the sidearm delivery that he used in the big leagues, citing it largely  as an accident.