Kirby vs. Richt: 'There is more urgency with Coach Smart'

How UGA is different with Kirby at the helm.....

Chris Goforth
October 13, 2018 - 11:41 am

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Former UGA LB Rennie Curran joined College Football Gametime to preview today’s UGA at LSU game in Baton Rouge. Curran on playing at LSU, “It’s crazy, I was a sophomore when we played there and young guys have a tendency to get caught up in an atmosphere like that. The biggest thing for us in 2008 was we started fast.”

Curran when asked about playing more conference games, “I think we definitely need to put more of those crossover games on the schedule.”

Curran on the difference between the SEC West and the SEC East, “Not much of a difference to me. Anywhere you play in the SEC is going to come down to a few plays.”

Curran then talked about the need to limit the mistakes and penalties which he knows is an emphasis for Kirby Smart and his staff.

Curran on what Kirby Smart has brought to the UGA program compared to Mark Richt, “It’s a different level or urgency. Kirby has ramped up practice to a different level and you can see the shift with him in charge.” Curran then went on to talk about the resources at UGA compared to when he was there.

Curran also went on to talk about the mindset of a linebacker and the differences between this year’s UGA defense versus last year’s.