Billick: Falcons defensive power not enough to make them a championship-caliber team

Wendy Adams
November 15, 2018 - 11:36 am

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If you look at the Atlanta Falcons, it's been a tough, unexpected season. At 4-5 and just past the halfway point, fans are hoping there is still a glimmer of hope that this team can make resurrect themselves and make the postseason. 

The team has been plagued by injuries defensively with the loss of both starting safeties, Keanu Neal (ACL) and Ricardo Allen (achilles) for the season, as well as linebacker Deion Jones, who just returned to the practice field last week.

Former NFL head coach and current NFL Network analyst Brian Billick joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh and said injuries are most certainly hamstringing this team up to this point. 

"I really thought this defense had a chance of going from a top-10 defense to a top55 defense, and then you're decimated by injuries," said Billick. "And at the end of the day--and it's not an excuse--it's just a fact. At the end of the day, injuries are going to be a factor. By definition, your backups aren't as good as your starters. If you lose enough starters in the NFL, it's a little hard to overcome...Defensively, the (Falcons) just don't have the horses they need to be a Championship-caliber team right now."

Asked whether the team can still make the postseason, Billick said the Falcons should just be eying a Wild Card spot instead of focusing on a division title at this point.

"Your in a division where the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints; you're no longer in the NFC South, you're in the NFC Wild Card division," said Billick. "Sure, could you do it? Yeah, but it's an uphill battle given the injury situation."