Coach Vince Dooley: "Bama can thank Auburn for National Title"

Dukes & Bell
August 14, 2018 - 4:06 pm

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Vince Dooley joined Dukes and Bell and the guys asked him if he remembers a game as crazy as the Rose Bowl, Coach said “I don’t remember any game quite like that, I remember playing Georgia Tech in ’78, the guy ended with a 2pt conversion that won the game, those two games stand out to me.”

 When asked about Kirby Smart’s time at UGA so far Coach told the guys “I think he’s got a chance to win at the highest level consistency which is hard to do, Alabama has been the only team to do that. You recruit like he is, building up your reserve strength, the Offensive line has some good depth, and I’ve never seen so many running backs.”

 Coach Dooley talked to the guys about the Quarterback situation this season and how he went thru something similar “I don’t know that you could have a situation like I was able to do and win a championship with two quarterbacks, in this particular case it’s going to be week to week and practice to practice. No doubt Fromm is ahead right now, but the more and more Fields practices he’s going to get better because he’s a special athlete.”