​Lalas: 'I don't want a boring Atlanta United team'

Dukes & Bell
March 15, 2019 - 4:29 pm

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Fox Sports soccer analyst Alexi Lalas joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the slow start to the MLS season for the United, the CONCACAF Champions League and more.

Alexi told the guys that it’s not easy to repeat in the MLS.

“2018 is over, and when you are the top dawg in winning and level ambition that comes with a higher level of expectations.” Lalas said “It’s good to be that, but you have to be able to maintain it, and it’s not an easy league to defend.”

Lalas talked about what he thought of the coaching hire of Frank deBoer.

 “I thought it was strange, it is a little different.” Lala said “When you’ve established something that is so entrenched it seemed like big turn in a very different direction. Ultimately all that people care about is the exciting style that they’ve watched so far, so it’s up to deBoer at this point.”

Alexi said that it’s not an easy situation that new manager Frank deBoer is in.

 “Frank’s come into a situation where the only way you could improve was Champions league, you have to win the MLS cup otherwise you will be looked at as a disappointment. The loss of Almiron is not so easy to replace, Pity is a great player but he’s a different player. There have been some major pieces taken out, and some very different one’s put in and that’s the challenge now is getting back to that level of play.”

When asked about the struggles of Pity Martinez.

 “It’s a jarring experience for a player to come into MLS on any circumstance. He knows who he is having to replace, the success the team has had, then he has to adjust to a new coach, new city and country, so he just has to get his head straight.” Lalas said “My concern isn’t losing, if you lose and you’re boring, I don’t want a boring Atlanta United team, I’ve been sold on an exciting brand of soccer.”