Lalas on United's success: Arthur Blank deserves a tremendous amount of credit

Dukes & Bell
December 11, 2018 - 6:28 pm

Fox Sports Soccer Analyst Alexi Lalas joined Dukes & Bell and talked about being in Atlanta for the MLS Cup “It was a blast, you welcome for my sport, for brining you a title, but ultimately when you won my support as ‘The MLS Super team’ you were destined to do your thing and get that Cup.”

Alexi talked about his experience at MBS for the game “We were kicked out of our studio because we didn’t have the right passes, so they were using it as a run through for the Super Bowl and we ended up in suite with United fans to show the southern hospitality and how this city has adopted this team, but now Darren and those guys have their work cut out for them to get back.”

 Lalas discussed the United should be a template moving forward “I think sir Arthur deserves a tremendous amount of credit, you’re always going to have your have’s and have not’s but if I’m a fan in Columbus or Colorado I’m making it heard that we want the same kind of ambition and resources that they have in Atlanta it’s a template going forward.”

When asked about how the team can sustain this momentum “Like any good business you have to put that money back in the business, and that’s what I feel they well do, because you have to make sure those Atlanta United fans are happy, and if Pity Martinez is the next thing that’s a good move, because it’s going to come quick the new season and you better have a good product out there on the field.”