'Going to be trades made' to bolster bullpen

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
April 18, 2019 - 1:49 pm

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The Atlanta Braves are on the verge of getting swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks this afternoon. The bullpen gave up the lead in their first two games of start the series.

FOX Sports South Braves analyst Brian Jordan joined Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael on Thursday and understands where fans are coming from.

"It's frustrating," Jordan said. "That's the risk that you take when you're dealing with young pitchers. You're throwing these guys in the fire. You're going to see this over and over."

Jordan has maintained that GM Alex Anthopoulos and the front office has until May 1st of their evaluation period before something needs to happen.

"I think time is running out for a lot of these guys to prove themselves because we just don't have the patience."

The impact of a unproductive bullpen is slowly trickling down to the Braves offense.

"Offensively starting to slow down a little bit," Jordan said. "I think they're starting to put more pressure on themselves because they know they have to score runs to win the ballgame."

"I'm crossing my fingers that by the end of the month the evaluation period is over and we can make some moves that we, as a fan, can feel good about."

Jordan said Anthopoulos will know who he has and who he doesn't by the end of the month, and is sure moves are going to be made.

"There's going to be some trades made, I believe," Jordan continued. "Although they've held on to this young talent all offseason, we may see some of this young talent be traded off for some veterans in the bullpen."