Oluokun: We try to stay positive 

Dukes & Bell
October 21, 2019 - 6:13 pm

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Atlanta Falcons LB Foye Oluokun joined Dave Archer on the Dan Quinn Coach’s show.

Oluokun talked about the team staying positive during the losing streak.

 “We try to stay as positive as we can be.” Oluokun said “It’s just coming in and trying to find whatever we need to do in order to get that win, we know we’re very capable of doing it and just everyday looking at film figuring out what we need to do to better and being honest with ourselves each and every play.”

When asked about the roughing the passer penalty he was called for yesterday.

“Coach Quinn thinks it’s just the landing on the quarterback rule.” Oluokun said “On that play just how I tackled him, by the laws of physics it’s kinda impossible for me to twist off of him in midair after I hit him cleanly up top. Probably how I went into the tackle is what I have to change getting the quarterback down, but when you see the quarterback about to throw the ball you’re not really thinking about oh I have to hit him this way or that way it’s going to be tough for defenders to adjust to that rule but if they’re going to call it that way it’s something we have to do.”