Freddie Freeman deserves real MVP consideration

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
September 12, 2019 - 6:59 am
Atlanta Braves First Baseman Freddie Freeman

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Freddie Freeman is having another monster season. He currently leads all of baseball in RBI, he's trying for his 4th consecutive season hitting above .300, and he'd likely to top 40 home runs by season's end.

For most of the season the MVP discussion in the National League has been between Cody Bellinger and Christian Yelich of the Brewers, but Yelich's recent injury has many thinking he's out of the running. Yet Freeman may not have entered the conversation yet

John Fricke and Hugh Douglas wonder why Freddie Freeman isn't being compared to Bellinger for the MVP.

"He's our guy, we know how good he is, but on a national stage it's about guys who move the meter," says Hugh Douglas. "He should be one of those guys, RBI leader for the season, he should be in that conversation"

Currently Freeman leads Bellinger in average, RBI's, runs scored, hits, and doubles while playing a Gold Glove caliber of defense at first. Bellinger does have more home runs and walks and less strikeouts. 

"Is Cody Bellinger even the MVP of his own team" questions John Fricke. "How much of an MVP do you need to be in that division. We're going to have three Braves in the top 10, Freddie, Acuna, and Josh Donaldson."