Fricke's Urgent Memo: Braves to win World Series this season

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
September 12, 2018 - 7:05 am

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To: NegativeNancy@quit.blah; Debbie.Downer@fail.meh
Re: Braves Winning World Series This Year
Dt: October, 2018

Nancy, Debbie:

I know it's not in your world to see the best possible outcomes, but if you would take a moment I would like you to consider the reasons the Braves will win the World Series this season.

1) They have, and will continue, to exceed expectations: Since they have gone this far, there is no reason to believe that they will suddenly stop overachieving. The odds have never favored them since finishing 5 games below .500 in the Grapefruit League. Yes, you both told me that was the sure sign that this was going to be like last year, and the year before that... and the year before that. I held out hope that you might be on the wrong side of that indicator but your track record of poo-pooing any possible surprises left me wondering if the chances some of us saw with this young team being better were just us half-full people being ridiculous again. Turns out this club doesn't care what you, or me for that matter, or anyone thinks... because...

2) They play loose, and everything to them is gravy: Their manager has made it clear 100 times this season that the clubhouse believes in itself. When that happens, then the
rest of the fans and media become "noise." Teams like the Red Sox and Yankees, the Cubs and Dodgers, have poured tens of millions of dollars into buying their way into the post season. Those teams have something to lose. If they don't win a title then their business model has failed. The Braves are doing this with rookies, cast offs, a few solid vets and a team unity that 'Dodger Dollars' or 'Bosox Bucks' can't buy. Whatever walls they have hit this season, they have managed to quickly step back and find a way around. There is zero evidence that is going to stop now. Bury them, and they just dig out and stand on that dirt mound and sream: "Is that all you got?"

3) Why not them, why not now? I have long tried to explain to you that Atlanta was overdo for something you don't seem to have any faith in. Good Luck. It will happen and that might well be now. That, for all our true title contenders than came up short in the finals of major professional sports in this town, one team would win a crown that had almost no business even being in that conversation at the start of the season. That is this team. This is now.

4) Ronald Acuna Jr.: If I have to explain this, you are both incapable of understanding anything.

5) I took your advice and googled the term "reasonable expectations." It showed a photo of you two losers. My chop hand is pointed with its palm facing squarely at you both. I eagerly await no response.