Athletes guilty before being proven innocent

Stovall: 'The J.J. Holloman situation is an unfortunate one'

Beau Johnson
June 23, 2019 - 8:41 am
JJ Holloman

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images


Jeremiah "J.J." Holloman (WR) was recentlty dismissed from the football program at UGA stemmimg from an domestic incident reported at UGA back in April.

Gabriel Stovall of The Covingon News was the on that broke the news and spent some tine with Sam Crenshaw on Sunday.

Stovall calls the whole situation an unfortunate one, but Holloman should be okay. Athletes and adults in general need to learn to remove themselves from situations before they escalate, and while no charges were filed against Holloman, the damage to his career at UGA had already been done.