Gary Parrish: Whomever is left between Bagley or Doncic will be Hawks' pick

Dukes & Bell
June 20, 2018 - 6:41 pm

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Garry Parrish joined Dukes and Bell Wednesday to talk about the upcoming NBA draft. 

“If the Atlanta Hawks take Doncic for themselves, which a lot of people find sensible, they will get a high grade on the pick," said Parrish. "Either way the first three picks off the board in some order will be Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, and Luka Doncic.”

When asked about the Hawks' options of moving back from the third pick in the draft...

“If Atlanta wants to move down they have plenty of opportunities to move down," said Parrish. "If you decided as a franchise you preferred to have Trae Young, there’s probably a scenario where you could draft Doncic at three, then get a Mark Cuban on the phone and have him draft Trae Young for you and then work a deal out and get additional assets.”

Randy, who's filling in for Carl Dukes, asked Parrish about the value Dennis Schroeder would have on the trade market.

“Probably not what any Hawks fan would want, what did the Hornets get for Dwight who averaged 16 and 12," Parrish asked. "Once it’s known that your franchise is willing to move on from you there’s not a big market out there for you.”​