Deckerhoff: 'Taggart has done everything the right way so far'

Dukes & Bell
September 03, 2018 - 3:16 pm

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The Voice of the Florida State Seminoles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Gene Deckerhoff joins Dukes and Bell to preview tonight's FSU/Virginia Tech game and the Bucs season as a whole.

When asked about the new Florida State football slogan Deckerhoff saidu, “Hashtag do something has become more of a mantra then anything.” Deckerhoff on the hire of Willie Taggart, “Taggart has done everything the right way so far.” He went on to say that Taggart has brought back Bowden and a number of former great players. Deckerhoff said, “Taggart wants to bring that tradition back.”

Deckerhoff on Taggart’s offense, “I can’t wait to see that Gulf Coast Offense. I’ll tell you what, there won’t be any false starts from the ‘Noles tonight.”

On Deondre Francois, “Jimbo’s offense was not meant for a dual threat quarterback like Deondre. He was the offensive rookie in the ACC. He led every freshman by far that year.”

On Cam Akers Deckerhoff said, “He has over thousand rushing yards last year as a freshman and Dalvin Cook didn’t do that.”

When asked about the Bucs Deckerhoff said, “Thank god there are no more HBO Hard Knock cameras this year. If the Bucs can win one game without Jameis I predict very big things for this Bucs team.” Deckerhoff went on to say, “I like the free agents that the Bucs have brought in this year.”