Georgia Tech gaining some national attention

Sam Crenshaw
June 25, 2019 - 10:10 pm

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports


For a long time, Georgia Tech fans have been lulled to sleep with an outdated triple option offense.

Fans felt like they were being punished by the football gods until their prayers were answered when Paul Johnson decided to step down as head coach.

In comes Geoff Collins like a ball of fire. Collins has really created a buzz locally, that has the fan base excited about what's ahead for this program.

National Columnist, George Schroeder, joined Sam Crenshaw and gave his thoughts on Geoff Collins.

"Of the new coaches in the ACC, the one that is the most intriguing to me right now is Geoff Collins" Schroeder said.

Collins has done everything he can to make people forget about that snooze-fest of an offense Paul Johnson use to trot out there every Saturday. Now all he has to do is continue that momentum on the field.