Are you trusting the Falcons or Dawgs more in 2018?

Rick and John
July 06, 2018 - 11:02 am

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John and Chris asked who do you trust to have a better season: UGA or the Falcons? Chris thinks UGA is a year away from becoming the pre-eminent #1 in the country. Chris likes the way UIGA’s schedule sets up for them to have a chance to get back to the CFB playoffs. John agreed that UGA will have a good season and will be favored in every game except South Carolina and LSU. Chris talked about having a loss in the SEC and if you do then you need to take it early in the season to give you more of a chance to win over the committee when the time comes. Neither John nor Chris believe there will two SEC teams in the CFB playoffs this year. John thinks the Big-10 will get a team in, he thinks Washington has a shot and the Big 12 will put a team into the CFB playoffs. John quoted ESPN as calling the Falcons the second most talented team in the NFL, both he and Chris agreed with that evaluation. Chris gave his overall view of the team and said he trust the team but eluded to the O-Line having to do a better job. John relived the UGA/Bama game saying it wasn’t Kirby Smarts fault that they lost. Chris made the point that teams now have a book on Tua Tagovailoa and he won’t be such a mystery this season when they face him.