Sallee: UGA got screwed to benefit the rest of the SEC

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
February 21, 2019 - 11:39 am

College football pundit Barrett Sallee joined Rick and John on The Midday Show Thursday to break down the Georgia-Auburn schedule change. 

Rick immediately goes in on UGA and Auburn's schedule flip and Sallee gives a few options but doesn't think giving UGA two home games is the answer. Regarding how this was all put together, Sallee thinks this helps UGA a litte more, but also thinks this will make the SEC East race last longer. He continues that this is part of a bigger plan for all SEC teams to allow teams more opportunity to be in the national spotlight.

Rick goes back to UGA giving up a home game to Auburn and Sallee reminds Rick that the SEC scheduling is next to impossible and sometimes they have to make decisions that are not popular and unfortunately, UGA got screwed to benefit the rest of the SEC. 

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They move on to Justin Fields getting approved to play at Ohio State and Sallee thinks there are two sets of rules in the NCAA: What is allowed and what is stated.

When it comes to college football free agency, Sallee likes the idea, but it would be impossible to manage a roster. 

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