Dawgs Offense Not Ready for Prime Time

Thomas Mott
September 24, 2019 - 1:24 am

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All last week this station, and really everywhere in Atlanta, was hyping up Georgia versus Notre Dame.

  • “Dawgs are going to run all over them.”  
  • “Fromm’s going to ball out.” 
  • “Notre Dame will fold under the crowd noise.” 

Those were some of the many predictions people had for what was hyped as the biggest game of the college football year. This was supposed to be a season-defining win where UGA trounced a lesser opponent and arrived on the national stage as a team ready to contend with Bama and Clemson.

Looking back on Saturday night, Georgia kind of underwhelmed me.

Their so called “statement” game turned out to be a boring defensive struggle which saw Notre Dame outplay Georgia in a lot of the first half only to get worn down by the better UGA team in the end. Georgia was supposed to blow out ND and in doing so arrive on the national stage with a shout as if to say: “We’re here Clemson and Bama.” 

After Saturday, did Georgia do anything to put fear into Dabo or Saban’s eyes?

Now, there was some good to come out of this game if you’re a Dawgs fan.

  1. You survived a “trap” game against Notre Dame that could have cost you a Playoff spot.
  2. Your defense stepped up even without both of your starting cornerbacks.
  3. You looked physical enough to compete down the road. Brian Kelly said it was “one of the most physical games that I have coached against any team.”

But with all that good there is still one big question I have: Is this offense ready for Bama, Clemson or Ohio State?

Now, before Georgia fans have another meltdown that I’m hating on Jake Fromm, I’ll say this. He didn’t seem to be the problem. Fromm looked really good at times.  My big question with this offense is, does Kirby not trust Fromm or is he just a conservative head coach (7 points and 114 total yards in the first half is not going to cut it down the line.)?

I honestly do not know the answer. Because early on, Fromm kept throwing it short and staying conservative. Yet, twice in the football game, Fromm was great and lead a 13-play TD drive and an eight-play TD drive.  To be honest, Fromm didn’t look like the problem. James Coley called a very conservative game. It literally felt like Georgia came out, saw that Notre Dame was playing fast and physical on defense, and immediately went 'Oh wait this is scary, let’s be conservative and play to not lose.'

Now, did it work? Yes.

Did your defense step up in big moments? Yes.

Did Fromm look smart and sharp on certain drives?  Yes

But did this team look ready to compete against the titans of the SEC?  Not yet.

Now before you guys freak out again and say I hate Georgia. The good news is that the next five games are going to be a cake walk.

  • at Tennessee
  • South Carolina 
  • Kentucky 
  • Florida
  • Missouri
  • at Auburn

Georgia will not be tested again until Auburn in seven weeks. They have time to figure it out.

But, and I’ll finish with this. The Georgia offense we saw on Saturday night is going to have a hard time keeping up with the high-powered offenses of Bama, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Clemson.

You survived your first test. Now it’s time to dominate your next one.