Voice of MTSU Chip Walters; We plan to get noticed against UGA

The Midday Show
September 11, 2018 - 11:36 am

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Chip Walters voice of MTSU Blue Raiders joined Rick and John to discuss this weekends trip to Athens. Chip told us that QB Brent Stockstill’s performance will all depend on how long Brent will have to throw the ball based on his protection. Chip described the difference makers against Power 5 conferences aren’t always your marquee players but the backups and how they perform when they are in the game.

They talk about QB comparisons and Chip told us he would compare Brent Stockstill to a poor man’s Danny Wuerffel and suggested that he could possibly be a practice squad guy in the NFL or a backup. However, he thinks Brent’s next stop is coaching because that what he loves to do. Chip told us to keep an eye on Ty Lee WR, Darrius Harris MLB, and Kahlil Brooks OLB who has a nose for the football.

Click below to hear Chip Walters preview the UGA vs MTSU game.