Is Georgia a favorite to win national title?

Dukes & Bell
July 05, 2019 - 5:12 pm

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Danny Sheridan joined Dukes & Bell featuring Robb Tribble and Paul Crane and talked to the guys about Georgia’s odds of winning the National Championship, and Jake Fromm’s odds of winning the Heisman Trophy.

Sheridan said the best value to win the National Championship is Georgia.

 “There are only six teams with a chance, odds wise.” Sheridan said “Georgia is 7/1 which is a drop off from Alabama and Clemson at 3/1, this year I think the best value is Georgia to win the national championship, Kirby has built a strong team. Last year if Georgia punts the ball there is no way Alabama is going to go 80 yards and when the game goes to overtime Georgia is going to win the game, Georgia is my pick to win the national title.”

When asked about Jake Fromm’s odds of winning the Heisman.

 “He’s got a chance it’s a very longshot.” Sheridan said “The Heisman is a quarterback award, the huge favorites are Tua and Trevor Lawrence, next it’s Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, and Adrian Martinez the Nebraska quarterback, Fromm would be about 25/1 which is a pretty good drop off from the others.”