Hunter: Our seniors need to focus

Dukes & Bell
February 12, 2019 - 5:01 pm

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Georgia State head coach Ron Hunter joined Dukes & Bell Tuesday to talk about Georgia State falling to second place in the Sun Belt conference and why this is the time of the year it can be tough for veteran teams.

Hunter talked about how tough this time of the year can be for seniors.

“We have to get back. One of the hardest things to do with seniors like we have is finishing the season,” said Hunter. “They want to look ahead to the tournament, but we have win some more games, get that bye in the conference tournament.”

Hunter talked the team’s struggles at the free throw line.

“We’re one of the best 3-point teams in the country, but we just miss free throws,” Hunter said. “We shoot them all the time in practice, but you can’t duplicate it in game, it’s really hard to explain.”

When asked about how important home-court advantage is...

“When you play at home you’re usually a 10-point favorite; when you look at our record here at home it’s incredible,” said Hunter. “It’s amazing stat in college basketball that home teams have such an advantage.”