Panthers coach 'sick of it' in terms of being called a Group of 5 football program

Wendy Adams
October 30, 2018 - 12:08 pm

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


Georgia State football will be back in action for a home matchup against Texas State on Saturday (Live at 2 p.m., 92-9  The Game)Head coach Shawn Elliott joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh on Tuesday to talk about his team's preparations and about an ongoing conversation about the Power Five conferences. 

Tonight, the College Football Playoff Committee will release its first rankings of the 2018 season. While the Top four is an assumed lock, with Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and LSU in some order, there is some controversy on where they'll put an undefeated UCF team (7-0). Central Florida, along with GSU, is a part of the Group of Five league in Division-I of the FBS. 

John asks Coach Elliott directly:"Do you guys look at the Power Five conferences and say, 'Why don't you just tell us straight up that you're never going to let one of our teams play in your Playoff?'"

"It's hard for me to come out and say that because you never say never," Elliott responded. "It's a hard picture to look at. It's almost like they created an extra division in Division-I football...It's almost like we're in a lost division right now to tell you the truth."

There's a so-called Group of Five. There are 10 Division I conferences but five of them refer to themselves as the Power Five. 

"Well, I just don't really know where the Group of Five and the Power Five conferences came from," Elliott continued. "I don't think it came from the Division-I NCAA because we're all either FBS or FCS Division-II or III. With the, I guess, the Bowl system or however the Championship system works, it developed into the (individual conferences) which is very unfortunate...You can sit down with all the experts, and they can try to explain it, but to tell you the truth, they don't have a rhyme or reason why it works like this."

John Fricke agrees with Coach Elliott that he too doesn't know when or where the separation of the 10 conferences came from.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sick of it," Elliott quipped back at the notion that people refer to their conference, the Sun Belt, as a Group of 5. "I think it's really ridiculous the way they've done that."