2018 ACC Kickoff: Georgia Tech 'dark horse' to win Coastal

Stan Norfleet thinks GT will be "sleepy good"

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
July 19, 2018 - 10:12 am

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Our own Stan Norfleet is in Charlotte, North Carolina for the 2018 ACC Kickoff. He joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas on The Morning Show Thursday to talk about the headlines that are already circulating after Day 1.

North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora made comments Wednesday saying that football is “under attack.” He continued his comments: "I fear the game will be pushed so far from what we know that we won’t recognize it 10 years from now. And if it does, our country will go down too.”

Where does Norfleet think Fedora was going with his diatribe?

“Football is [Fedora’s] everything," said Norfleet. "Some people take the extreme to try and defend the game. This was a classic example of him being overly sensitive to a question, going to the extreme in defense. I don’t think he walked in there with an agenda but at the same time, it didn’t sound good. He has to know his audience, and it got away from him a little bit.”

Meanwhile, the ACC preseason power rankings were released by ESPN with Georgia Tech sitting at No. 11. Norfleet disagrees with the Jackets being that far down on the list.

“Right now, I’m picking Georgia Tech as my dark horse out of the Coastal," said Norfleet. "I think quarterback TaQuon Marshall can take the next step with this veteran offense. I think Tech can be sleepy good. They need a few things to bounce their way but Georgia Tech has a shot.”