Is Klay Thompson Hawks top free-agent target?

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
April 03, 2019 - 8:13 am

On Tuesday morning, John Fricke and Hugh Douglas spoke with Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk, who addressed how the Hawks should remain patient as they look to build a winner.

John and Hugh wonder how active the Hawks will try to be in free agency as there are a number of quality players that could be of interest available.

John feels there is a specific target that Schlenk has his eyes on and broke down why on Wednesday's morning show.

"I've got a guy and I'm stuck on him," said Fricke. "He fits everything that Travis Schlenk wants, but Klay Thompson fits everything. Travis knows him, he trusts him, he's a spot up 3-point shooter, he wants to play with a great point guard, he can come be a star of his own team. Let's say you get two draft picks and Klay Thompson. I'm telling you that's a playoff team."

Hugh Douglas certainly understands why there would be desire from Atlanta to get Klay, but isn't sold that Thomspon will be leaving Golden State.

"He's with a championship contender, a perennial championship contender," said Douglas. "He's got a couple of rings right now and he might pull a James Harden. The Houston Rockets are James Harden's team, but where are the Houston Rockets going? If I'm Klay Thompson, this is a young up-and-coming team, but you've got a for-sure thing with the Golden State Warriors. Do I really want to take that chance? A bird in the hand beats two in the bush."

Hugh continued by wondering what role Klay Thompson is most comfortable in. 

"Players have done it, Kyrie has done it, Kyrie's feeling the heat from that now and Klay might look at that," said Douglas. "Some guys like being role players, everybody doesn't want to be the general, some guys like being soldiers." Hugh goes on by bringing up that the number one spot would be impossible for him to avoid if he joins Atlanta. 

"If Klay comes here, he's the leader by default," said Hugh. "He's the most decorated on the squad. Klay Thomspon is not the leader of the Warriors, He might be able to lead, but does he want to be that guy? You're out there front and center every night."

John Fricke agrees with Hugh's concerns, but think that Schlenk had zeroed in on Klay and will push hard to get him. 

"Travis Schlenk said clearly they won't spend on the wrong guy," said Fricke. "That indicates to me they may not make a move in free agency, but if they make a move it's about one guy, it's about Klay Thompson. I think there's going to be at least a phone call. It's fun to start playing chess instead of checkers."

To hear John and Hugh's full debate, listen below: