Grant McAuley: 'AJ Minter is one of the best relievers the Braves have'

Dukes & Bell
May 15, 2018 - 4:07 pm

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Joining the show to talk about the latest with the Braves is 929 baseball insider Grant McAuley.  On the team’s ability to generate offense – “I don’t know of anyone who would have thought that,” he said, “but in talking to some of the guys, it was never believed they would hit a lot of home runs.  You knew they could score more runs, but they are leading in the NL in several major categories and scoring consistently – one of the top offenses in baseball.”  

Should they pursue another player for the bullpen? – “A.J. Minter is one of the best relievers they have, and on occasion you may run into that.  The arm talent is there with guys who can get strikeouts, but all 30 teams would love to add a reliever or two.  When you put yourself in position to be a buyer, and if the Braves are sitting near the top of the division, it will be a whole different ballgame and different from the past few years, that’s for sure.”  

On Jose Bautista, will he be here for a while? – “For a little while at least.  The question has been ‘does he have anything left?’  But, I still think we have 10 days to two weeks before making a decision on his future status with the team.”