Gressel: Feeling confident for Saturday's match

Dukes & Bell
October 17, 2019 - 3:33 pm

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Atlanta United’s Julian Gressel joined Dukes & Bell,.

Julian talked about the new format of the MLS playoffs.

“It feels different, doesn’t it?” Gressel said “We have to take it as it is, I like it that we have a home game obviously and I like our chances to move on to the next round and we will leave it at that.”

Gressel said both teams could change things up since the last time the two met earlier this month.

 “We will see if they change it up a bit.” Gressel said “If they do obviously that’s great because I feel like Josef and I have a pretty good connection in that way with that space in front of him, but we will see what they come up with. we might actually change some things, they might change some things, so we will kinda just have to see once we step on the field but whatever style they play, we have the better players and better quality I’m pretty confident we will advance.”