Halfway through season; what is Atlanta United's Identity?

Dukes & Bell
May 29, 2019 - 4:55 pm

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It was time for the Five Stripes preview with Mike Conti as we previewed tonight’s game against Minnesota United.

Conti said the United played good enough to get a draw against Real Salt Lake.

 “It does you know no good to play it again.” Conti said “You were good enough to get a draw, you were not good enough to get a win and because of that there’s not much you can take out of that. Tonight I think there will be a little more of a conventional lineup, so maybe you can get into your identity a little bit more, and do your thing with that lineup.”

Mike told the guys that Minnesota might drop players back to defend tonight.

 “That was an intriguing aspect of that match.” Conti said “If you play a lineup that’s more conventional you don’t have as much of an impact coming off the bench. Minnesota is a team that likes to play wide open, and they’re fighting fatigue as well so it’s very possible that they come in here and sit back and try to make Atlanta United break them down, but that might play into Atlanta United’s hands.”

When asked if he was concerned about the lack of goals.

 “Yea I’m concerned.” Conti said “You want to see this team converting at the same rate as last year, but they’re defending way better than they did last year and that is the tradeoff. This year they have a huge drop-off in set pieces that’s not necessarily in their control and hopefully the law of averages comes back, but being half way thru the year this is your identity.”