Has Donaldson's presence been more important on diamond or clubhouse?

Dukes & Bell
July 18, 2019 - 6:10 pm

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Paul Byrd joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the Braves calling up Ender, Kyle Wright is back from the minors, and what he thinks about Josh Donaldson’s performance this year.

Byrd told the guys if he thinks the Braves are showcasing Inciarte tonight.

“I don’t think you’re trying to showcase Ender.” Byrd said “You have to win the game, that’s what Snit just said to me, so if having Ender in the game helps you win the game that’s what they’re going to do. No one has lost confidence in Riley, but he’s been struggling and time off doesn’t hurt, he told me the other day the sliders up here are so good and the break so fast he’s just had trouble adjusting to them.”

When asked what he expects to see from Kyle Wright.

 “I think you’re going to see a different Kyle Wright.” Byrd said “His stuff is frontline, number one, number two type stuff, but he hasn’t pitched like he knows how good his stuff is at times. When you go down to the minors you learn how to pitch to like your stuff is good, I’m anxious to see if he’s made that transition, and since he’s been down in the minors doing just that I think he’s ready.”

Byrd said the Braves are getting what they paid for from Josh Donaldson.

“That’s what you paid for.” Byrd said “You paid for an MVP on the field, and a MVP in the locker-room and that’s what he’s been, he’s quietly had a good year. I love him the most in the locker room, he walks in there with that swagger, makes sure people are doing what they are supposed to be and I love that.”