Coach Collins breaks down new offense at Georgia Tech

...and why he believes he has the advantage in recruiting.

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
December 14, 2018 - 10:02 am

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Bowl season is upon us! Georgia Tech will be playing in the Quick Lane Bowl against the Minnesota Golden Gophers on December 26th. It will be Paul Johnson's final game as head coach of the Yellow Jackets after announcing his retirement.

The new man in charge will be former Temple head football coach, Geoff Collins, who joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh on Friday. 

Georgia Tech fans have become accustomed to the Triple-Option offense that retiring Coach Johnson has implemented over his 11-year tenure with the Jackets. But Collins said he plans to bring in a new style of offense to the program; one that got both John and Hugh pumped.

"Everything that we do is multiple," Collins said comparing what he wants to do to that of NFL teams today. "You know they're running zone-read in the NFL now. They're running RPOs (run-pass option) in the NFL; so spreading the field when you need to, get athletes out in space."

However, Coach Collins said he will tailor the scheme to the players he has currently.

"The players that we have, we will fit the scheme based on the talents we have on our roster. So from year-to-year, and it's the same in the NFL, what your scheme is going to look like is going to be different based on the players that you have. We have really good coaches, that I'll announce after signing day, that'll come in here and put these young men in the best possible position so that they have success individually and they have success as a team."

Coach Collins mentioned that the current roster doesn't have a tight end that he would normally use in the system he wants to run offensively. But in recruiting a future tight end, or another key piece to the roster, he sees only advantages in players choosing Georgia Tech.

"Every single thing about Georgia Tech, I see as an advantage. Smart people make smart decisions. We're going to be able to recruit a high-level of man that values academics, that wants to play at a high-level of ball. You go out around the country, there are great students that want a great education and are great athletes. I don't think you should ever short-sell how vital that is--setting young men up for a future,setting themselves up for 40-years of a career and play some big time ball in the process--and that gets me fired up."