Smoltz on Acuna: 'reminds me of Andruw Jones in every way'

Dukes & Bell
August 16, 2018 - 6:37 pm

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John Smoltz joined Dukes and Bell to discuss the craziness that happened last night in the Braves-Marlins game and told us he didn't think Don Mattingly called for this, “No way, this was a rogue pitcher obviously not knowing whatever he was trying to do, it’s a bad look and he’s probably going to get suspended. To do it like he did, luckily it wasn’t near the head, but to do it on the first pitch and the umpires not to throw him out right away is probably why Snitker was so angry.”

 When asked about why something like this happened Smoltz said “There’s a lot of reasons it can happen more than just hitting homeruns, the game has gone super young, and people want to see celebrations, well then pitchers should get in it as well because it’s one sided, so they should make up some mock dances when they strike someone out. The credit I will give him is that he is a national league pitcher so he’s coming to the plate and he has to wear it when he comes to the plate.” Smoltz continued “I don’t think anyone in the world thought that was a reality, you saw the catcher for the Marlins look like what in the world, so he wasn’t going to defend him. So I think everyone was just in shock, the pitcher was a lone wolf out there he threw it as hard as he could, hit him and that’s just stupid.”

Smoltz told the guys who Acuna resembles, “He 'reminds me of Andruw Jones in every way' you can imagine, Andruw was so much better an outfielder he’s gonna go thru some stretches, pitchers will figure out somethings and he will have to adjust. It’s unbelievable the things he’s been able to do, he’s a huge part of the offense and I like what the Braves have done they got some help at the trade deadline and didn’t mortgage the future”​