How Swanson knew he was back to 'normal' after surgery

"I could finally put my backpack on without being worried..."

Wendy Adams
March 18, 2019 - 3:21 pm

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The 92.9 The Game "Spring Training Show" with former Braves outfielder Brian Jordan, beat reporter Joe Patrick and Andy Bunker sat down for an exclusive interview with Dansby Swanson. The Braves shortstop battled through a wrist injury last season and finally underwent surgery for it in November. Hear the moment Swanson was finally able to feel "normal." 

How's the wrist feeling?

Swanson: "Thankful to be healthy. Last year was long dealing with it. It definitely kind of changes life a little bit, like certain things you can and can't do but back to normal now which is great. Just thankful to be healthy and be able to do what I do, and do what I love."

How long had you fought through the injury?

Swanson: "When I had surgery on (my hand), I'd been dealing with it since April in Chicago. So, yeah, pretty much five months out of the season. But like I said, that's behind us and we're excited for the season."

Is there anything that feels weird, anything that feels weird since the surgery?

Swanson: "It feels normal now. It's like I can put on a shirt the right way, and like put on a backpack. I remember the first time I could finally put like my backpack on without being worried. I like called somebody and and I was like 'I just put my backpack on'...because it was just nuts. I'm so glad it's behind me."

What's the attitude of the team heading into the 2019 season? 

Swanson: "I think at the end of the day, what made us so successful last year and what's going to help propel us to where we want to get to this year is, 'we're the only thing that matters.' And when I say that is, we value what our team thinks and what we believe. Because as soon as you start getting caught up on everything that's said outside these walls, that's when things start to break down, so we're not concerned about that. We're really just focused on putting out the best product every single day that we can and if we do that, then we know that we'll set ourselves up for where we want to be."

What's it been like playing behind some of the Braves young pitchers in Spring Training?

Swanson: "It's fun. It's pretty amazing to see the stuff and the electric-ness of what these guys can bring to the table. I think I almost got spoiled at it when I was in college because we always had good arms. It almost became normal, and you come here and it's still the same way...It's pretty remarkable how much talent there is. It's something that's definitely going to impact us for a long time to come."

What are the goals for Dansby Swanson in 2019?

Swanson: "Win. Yeah, that's it. That's it. That's what I do. That's what I love.