How Does College Football Return This Fall?

Dukes & Bell
May 25, 2020 - 6:47 pm
Kirby Smart

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Willie P and Nick Kaylan have a rivetting conversation about what it's going to take for College Football to truely return this year.  Being in the South, Saturdays are sacred.  Fall weddings are scheduled around bye-weeks, or moved to the Spring; southerners flock to small towns like Athens, Auburn, Clemson, and Tuscaloosa for grilling, drinking, and football. 

Colleges have a more difficult track to getting sports back than professional sports, especially since it requires students to be on campus.  Nick thinks campuses DO need to reopen.  Can we stop the facade of student-athletes being on a level playing field.  They are NOT the same as Joe in the Biology dept. 

For some of these Universities, Oregon said we will not have students or fans in the stadium during the month of Sept.  Really?!  So you're going to have an empty stadium when Ohio St comes to town, in one of the biggest home games in the longest time? 

Why are we at the point where people are trying to be self-righteous about College Football being an amateur sport.  The Olympics did away with these archaic rules 30 years ago.  We still have 3 months before College Football starts, let's let the data and science do some work and the talking.  The SEC is back on the field June 8, and Mike Gundy was lynched over saying he expects players to come back in June. 

This Memorial Day weekend alone we've seen a lot of the appetite of people wanting to get out and get their lives back.  If you're not comfortable going to a game, that's your choice.  You don't have to.  Nobody is forcing you.  But, there is no reason, with adequate testing and precautions, we can't have sports and other things opening back up.