What does Hamels signing mean for Donaldson?

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
December 04, 2019 - 1:42 pm

The Atlanta Braves have reportedly signed veteran left-handed pitcher Cole Hamels to a one-year, $18 million deal on Tuesday.

Last year, Hamels went 7-7 posting a 3.81 ERA. He struggled mightily in the month of September; 15 IP, 8 ER and didn't get to the 5th inning in any of his four starts.

Hamels numbers are similar to that of Dallas Keuchel's last season. Keuchel went 8-8 with a 3.75 ERA.

1. Did the Braves get better by signing Hamels?

2. Did they hinder themselves from continuing to get better this offseason? Most importantly, how does it impact re-signing third-baseman Josh Donaldson?

"I hope this doesn't mean things are done in the offseason," Andy Bunker said. "It doesn't necessarily mean that. There's still a lot more time in the offseason. The Braves could make trades; they could sign other free-agents with other money that they have."