Ice Cube Talks Big 3, Final Friday and Drake vs Kanye

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
August 01, 2018 - 11:42 am

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Ice Cube joined Rick and John to talk Big 3, Music and Movies. Cube explained to us why he thought 3 on 3 would work and why hasn’t it been taken to the professional level. He mentioned that he still wanted to watch former players play ball after they had retired. He mentioned things are going well in their second season. Cube talked about who they want in the league and said preferably the best players from the NBA but says that could change in the future as the league grows and expands. Cube told us his favorite character in the Big 3 is Gary Payton but also mentioned Big baby Davis. Cube says they let players trash talk on the court because it make the game more entertaining. Cube told us it cool to have LeBron on the Lakers because you know he is a guy who can turn the team around and bring the city back to greatness on the court. Cube joked about the time the Lakers played the Hawks without a shot clock and accused Ryan Cameron of cheating by counting down to fast. Cube insisted that there will be no fights in the league because nobody wants to mess up what the league could become. Cube said they will be back on the original block for ‘Last Friday’ and will have as many original characters as possible that make sense to the script. Cube said everybody should be able to have a barbershop bit and express themselves but if LeBron actually trademarked it it’s ridiculous because you can’t trade mark life. Cube thought Straight Outta Compton should have been longer and it was great because he helped produce it. Cube said he two favorite rap artists today are Lil’ Wayne, Drake or Kanye. Cube laughed when John asked him if he remembered doing color commentary with Rick Kamla at a Lakers game saying he didn’t remember it because of all the California good. ​