Ice Cube: "In 30 years I went from being a G to a triple OG'

Dukes & Bell
August 09, 2018 - 7:10 pm

Rap Icon and Founder of the Big 3, Ice Cube, joined Dukes and Bell. 

Dukes and Bell asked Ice Cube how the Big 3 got started and Cube responded with, “There are a lot of former NBA players that still have game and want to show that off.” Cube said, “We wanted a game where people can be themselves. We wanted our league to be fun.”

Ice Cube, “In 30 years I went from being a G to a triple OG.” Cube said he wouldn’t have believed everything he has been able to do if you told him what he was going to do 30 years ago. Cube said, “I still have room to grow.”

On the movie Straight out of Compton and his son playing him, “We took him on tour once and I thinked it ruined his life.” Cube went on to say that his son was the best person for the job. Cube said that Friday was the third movie script he wrote was Friday and that the first two scripts were “whack” and that’s why you have never heard of them.

Cube said that’s its more fun to make a record than a movie because there’s a little smoking and a little drinking so it’s a totally different vibe. Cube on Atlanta traffic, “I have been on Peachtree for an hour.”